About us

The Tea History Collection is based in Banbury UK and has been created by Denys C. Shortt OBE to preserve important historical items associated with Tea.  

Denys is the founder and owner of DCS Group which has provided this facility.  He comments "The idea of the Collection came after a request by Brian Writer (founder of Windmill Tea Company) who wanted us to look after a large amout of tea items after his retirement. They filled an entire van! Having seen what he donated was of such importance and high quality we decided to create the Collection."

He continues "My family were in tea for over 35 years and it was a major part of my life. As people in the industry get older my aim is to 'preserve the history of tea' with this collection.  A large investment has been made to create a temperature controlled display room with meeting area & storage cabinets for archiving. With my son Charles involved this will keep the collection safe for many years to come. Donations of items are welcome. Viewing is by appointment only"  

Denys' family were involved with tea for 30 years - managing tea estates at Langharjan and Rangagora in Assam (Jorehaut Tea Company), Mbale Uganda and Ikumbi Kenya (Brooke Bond). Returning to the UK in 1975 his parents Peter & Rosemary Shortt founded The Shakespeare Tea & Coffee Company in Henley-in-Arden.

A special thanks goes to the Committee of the London Tea History Association who have supported and donated to this Collection.


The Tea History Collection comprises of :

1. A history of Camellia Sinensis dating back to the very beginning. Denys has sponsored the cataloging of the entire Tea Collection at Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. This collection will be photographed, documented and digitised for everyone to enjoy.

2. An historical collection of important books on tea and tea companies.

3. An historical collection of items associated with the Business of Tea in the UK. This includes information on tea brokers, manufacturers and the London Tea Auctions. We have 4 plaques from the London Tea Auction Room at Plantation House.

4. A collection of vintage tea tins and tea adverts.

5. Historical items from current UK Tea Manufacturers.  


Visiting us

The collection is private and is not open to the public. Viewing is by appointment only.

Our aim is to digitise the entire collection on this website for you to enjoy.

We do support Tea industry visits - please contact Mr Denys Shortt at denys@dcsgroup.com