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Welcome to the
Tea History Collection

The aim of the Tea History Collection is to commemorate the history of tea in and outside the United Kingdom, by preserving it in its various material forms for future generations. 


We are based in Banbury, United Kingdom, the location of tea warehouses for many years after WWII. We officially opened on International Tea Day, 21st May 2021 and have been growing ever since with the help and direction of Tea History Association members, and several ex-tea planters, brokers, traders, tasters, and enthusiasts across the country and abroad. 


The Collection is privately owned and viewings are 'by appointment' only, though many resources, archive inventory, and library catalogue are accessible via this site. 


We have a growing library at the Tea History Collection with both new and old volumes identified as useful for tea researchers. We are very proud of our Assam Directories dating back to 1938. Meant to be practical and used daily, these are now difficult to find.

If you have any directories, auto/biographies, or any books related to tea you wish to donate - please do get in touch.

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