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The Tea History Collection’s growing library of 400 volumes is stored between five cabinets, organised by the below categories. The library has been catalogued using a ‘public group’ called "Tea History Collection, Banbury, UK", on, and is maintained regularly.


For volumes out of copyright with full-text access available, a note has been added to the description field as to where these can be accessed on the internet. Zotero’s ‘public group’ setting does not allow file sharing. 

THC Library Organisation as of Autumn 2022


Cabinet 1

  • History of tea

  • Story of Tea, generally

  • Teaware

  • Guides to tea buying, tasting, brewing

Final London Tea Auction.png

Cabinet 2

  • London Tea History

  • Maritime History

  • Tea Planter & Broker Life Histories

  • British in India

  • Upper Assam, Nagaland, Native Groups


Cabinet 3

  • Afternoon Tea, Recipes

  • Afternoon Tea, tea rooms

  • Tea Etiquette

  • General Tea Books, entertainment

Tea History Collection - Tea Museum 4.jpg

Cabinet 4

  • Chinese Tea Industry and History

  • African Tea Industry and History, all books pertaining to Africa

  • Sri Lanka/Ceylon Tea Industry and History, all books pertaining to Sri Lanka

  • Assam, India Tea Industry

  • Maps, posters, landscape, and images etc… (Inventoried in Zotero under one record)


Cabinet 5

  • East India Company

  • Sir Thomas Lipton

  • Tea Brand/Company Histories

  • Tea Planters Handbooks, Guides

  • Tea Producing Companies, Share Manuals

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