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At present the THC archive is organised thematically by initial donation, donor or intentional design and stored in binders or boxes between two cabinets. Archive materials are not catalogued down to item level, but are inventoried by box or binder as follows: 

Cabinet 6

  • Tea Council/UKTIA Papers, four green binders

  • ITI, Tea Industry Generally 

  • Trade pamphlets, handouts, 2 boxes

  • Tea Brand Giveaways, box

  • Tea Trade Dinner, box

  • London Tea History Association, box

  • Assam Valley Light Horse, box

  • Sri Lankan Tea Company pamphlets, box

  • London tea, box

  • UK Tea Convention 1990, 1993

  • Index of the Tea Estate Marks Offerenc on thee London Market 1964

  • London Tea Trade Metric Conversions

  • Tea Council Marketing Materials

  • London Tea Auctions, 1 black binder

  • UK Tea Association, box

  • Final Tea Auction, blue binder

  • Tea Brands and Companies Misc., blue binder

  • Tea Business Misc. Papers 1960 (‘50s)-1970s

  • Tea Business Misc. Papers 1970s

  • Tea Business Misc. Papers 1980s

  • Tea Business Misc. Papers 1990s

  • Obituaries, black binder, needs context labeling

  • Tea History Collection, blue binder, needs contents

  • Celia Brown for SYD Emmett Glenburn Tea Estate 1939-1968, box

  • Ephemera  (kept with Maps)

    • Images, adverts, etc..

  • Brooke Bond Tea Cards.

  • Audio and Visual, complete list 

    • Tea Breaks 

    • Reginald Ames Teas at Collingbourne Ducis, Bath 2001

    • Collingbourne Ducis The story so far…

    • Collingbourne Ducis Reginald Ames Teas Trainign Video 6/6/00

    • Tea Time, DVD, 2007 64 min

    • The Culture of Fuzhou’s Jasmine Tea

    • History of the CTTA, Colombo, 

    • Stack from Robin

Cabinet 7

  • Life Histories

  • Stephen Farr

  • Roger Swales

  • Trade Magazines, uncategorized individually, complete title list: (Also listed in Zotero under one record)

  • Fresh Cup

  • Tea&Coffee Asia

  • Tea International

  • Tea Magazine

  • British Tea

  • Stir

  • Tea & Coffee Trade Journal

  • Tea Time

  • Contemporary Tea Time

  • Tea Times, Jan 1951-Dec 1951 bound, Issued by the Tea Bureau, London

  • Teh minuman Bangsa-Bangsa Di Dunia 

  • 1750 A Magazine by Finlays

  • Tea Today, Calcutta Tea Traders Association Vol. 11 No. 1 1990 

  • Two and a Bud, Half-yearly Newsletter from the Tea Research Association Toklai Dec. 1972 Vo 19 No. 2

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