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How to Donate

The Tea History Collection welcomes donations, no matter how odd or old (including tea leaves!). We welcome and appreciate anyone interested in supporting our aim to preserve tea’s biocultural heritage.

We are currently accepting:

  • Retail tea units

  • Industry tea samples (any age) 

  • Tea cupping, or teaware

  • Artefacts of Tea History

  • Books 

  • Archival materials, (industry texts and papers, maps, etc)


We are currently no longer accepting:

  • Volumes we currently have in our library, unless the condition or provenance are compelling 

  • Novelty teapots

Thanks for submitting!

Donations will only be considered with a complete donation form.


A decision will be made within two weeks when the next steps will be communicated.  All accepted donations will receive a receipt acknowledging the donation and its contents.


All of our collection materials are stored in a purpose-built room, which is temperature and humidity-controlled. All monetary donations are put towards purchasing items for the strategic growth of our collection–to preserve tea’s history in and outside of the UK for future generations.  


We reserve the right to deny in whole or part any donation for any reason, mainly due to being out of scope, in notably poor condition, the THC not having the means to take care of it, or if donors do not have undisputed ownership of said object(s). If we deny any materials we can help you find a more suitable home for them. 

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