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The Eccentric Teapot

Author - Garth Clark

This book introduces us to some of the most sublime, outrageous and exotic teapots ever to grace a Mad Hatter's tea party. The designers of these idiosyncratic vessels have fully explored the ceremonial significance, spiritual associations, and formal complexities of teapots and tea-drinking, but they have given the results a distinctly eccentric spin. 

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Author - xxx


Design for Tea 2.png

Design for Tea

Author - Jane Pettigrew

Why did polite society lift its little finger along when raising the tea-cup to the mouth? What is a mote spoon? This book takes readers through the various groups of tea equipment used over the past 350 years. The story behind the development of the various pieces of tea brewing and drinking equipment all have a tale to tell - sometimes an extraordinary one. 

Anthology of British Teapots.png

An Anthology of British Teapots

Author - Philip Millar & Michael Berthoud

A very in depth collectors guide about 383 British teapots and 2260 plates. A very informative guide.

Novelty Teapots.png

Novelty Teapots - Five hundred years of art and design

Author - Edward Bramah

The 500 years of teapot design have come full circle. The metamorphic productions from China in the fifteenth century are now the models of similar designs from the People's Republic. In between it is displayed, in the variety of teapots from all over the world, a richness of imagination, inventiveness and humour which makes Edward Bramah's beautiful and comprehensive collector's guide long overdue. 

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